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O U R   M I S S I O N

"Helping Veterans with Trauma"

Samantha Moreno is the CEO & Founder of Thundar Lightning & Peace (ThundarLP), a nonprofit organization established to help Veterans with trauma. At 16, Sam decided to ACT and establish ThundarLP-501(c)(3). She does her best to advocate for the millions of Veterans who no longer feel they have a purpose. 


She believes her organization provides the grassroots movement her community needs to collectively take ACTion and create change for our Veterans.  She is a community builder who enjoys serving in her community and bringing the community together through events organized by her nonprofit.


She was taught at an early age that a true “Leader” serve others. Sam hasn’t had an easy life, but she has had the resilience to overcome many traumas. Her trauma gives her the strength to help others, especially our servicemen who have had to endure much more. 


Sam’s road to this point hasn’t always had the smoothest, and she understands it will probably never be linear. But one thing she does know is that it’s essential TO ACT, not be stagnant, but take the initiative, react and empower our community to do the same.

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage,” so I reflect daily and know that I must “ACT”.


"The things that have broken me in life - literally my bones and organs - have assisted me in connecting with the veterans who have returned from combat war and struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder.   Often veterans come with their identity struggles, having difficulty transitioning from military to civilian life. I strive to create a community for them where they are not judged on their disabilities, race, gender, or their socio-economic status, like being homeless.


"Tee off of teen girl's 1st non-profit golf tourney, helps veterans"

Inland Empire Business Journal

"16-Year-Old Aspiring Orthopedic Surgeon Launches New Non-Profit Aimed at Helping Veterans"


Your support and contributions will enable us to improve the lives of Veterans in need

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